The farm, as it looks so far, stems from an ambitious project, which started in 2009 and holds the Gregoris’ desire to modernize its business and to be more rooted in the area. The farm’s land has been owned by the family for four generations and it has mainly hosted cereal crops, vineyards, olive groves and orchards for the last sixty years.
In 2009, the family felt the need to orientate its farm through a modern but, at the same time, local image. Therefore comes up the decision to allocate the entire business fund to the Ascolana del Piceno PDO olive, planting more than one thousand olive trees.

The choice of producing Ascolana Tenera olives is clearly linked to the love for this land and for the products that have made this land famous. Thanks to the experience our grandparents handed down to us, the grove layout is 7x7 m. and it allows the plants to have a good ventilation and a drip irrigation system fed by an artificial pond that collects rainwater.

The ambition and the modernity of our project are not in the structure of the young grove, but in the creation of a laboratory intended to brine the PDO olive. This laboratory of 400 square meters allows us to monitor on-farm the entire production chain of the Ascolana Tenera olive.

In 2014, the recognition by certification bodies allowed us to be included in the list of producers, processors and packagers of the Ascolana del Piceno PDO olive. In the same year, we made market debut commercializing brined olives and Ascolana Tenera monocultivar EVO oil.
Since 2016, the farm has expanded the land dedicated to olive groves becoming able to manage 2000 plants, which are located in the municipalities of: Rotella, Lapedona and Montalto delle Marche.
Since the 2017 campaign, antiinsect nets against olive fruit fly have been tested and the farm has had its own olive press.

Oliva Ascolana PDO
Olive Ascolane PDO



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